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Windows Remote Assistance and Network Drive

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  • Windows Remote Assistance and Network Drive

    We will soon start to use Windows Remote Assistance.... everything works fine. There is just one thing we haven't found a solution. When our expert is connected to novices computer and he needs to map a network drive (install something). He can connect the network drive by using a different user name and everything is like it should be. Here is the problem: If novice user decides to stop remote connection with Esc-key or connection is lost for some reason the novice user can still access to that experts network drive (until novice user logs out). Is there any way to fix this issue? I know you can set all kinds of time-limits to terminal sessions but there is nothing exactly for this one...Thanks.

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    Re: Windows Remote Assistance and Network Drive

    There will not be any timeouts for a network drive. When the expert is assisting the novice all commands are for the novice and will remain. You need to educate, experts to close the network drive when they are done. If the connection times out, call the novice and have them reboot.
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      Re: Windows Remote Assistance and Network Drive

      You can create a small script that use psexec + remote assistance command line.
      This will allow you to initiate a remote assistance call and remote drive mapping.
      After closing the a remote assistance you can disconnect the mapping drive by using the
      Same script.
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        Re: Windows Remote Assistance and Network Drive

        BIG thanks for the answers.
        yuval14: Can you please give me an example of psexec + remote assistance command line?


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          Re: Windows Remote Assistance and Network Drive

          Here are few workarounds I can think of

          Do not use a drive mapping (if this is an option?).
          - Use a runas command line from a DOS prompt, using the UNC path to the executable
          ( Runas /user:DOMAIN\ClientAdmin "\"\\Server\share\file.exe\" /switch1 /switch2" (use \" for quotes within quotes) ).
          - Or, on the Expert's computer open the share and also open the \\remotecomputer\c$ administrative share. Then 'push' the files to the program files folder on the remote computer.

          Map the drive using a script with a Time-out function. The script asks every ..minutes to re-enter the password, otherwise the mapping will be disconnected.
          Of course the 're-enter password inputbox' also needs a time-out of its own, I don't know yet if that can be done by a vbscript.
          [ -> EDIT: yes, Is possible]

          Map the drive using a script. The script will auto-disconnect the drive when the 'HelpCtr.exe' process ends on the novice's computer (This is when the user closes the RA windows, but! *not* when just disconnected!)

          Manage temporary sharenames. Create a extra (hidden) shareName on the server before-, and delete the sharename again afterwards a RA connection.

          In the root of the share create a new folder 'OpenSesame'. On the root of the share Deny 'List Folder Content' for all users. This way users cannot browse the mapped drive. Only if they access directly to the path: <drive>\OpenSesame
          (note, this will also disable accessing the folder *and subfolders* from the server, to avoid that you could create a special group for users that are not domain admins). During a RA connection do not use a folder-browser to open the path on the mapped drive, because this hidden path might stay open after connection loss.

          I think the first option is the best, or else maybe a combination of the 2nd and last options.

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