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RDP to Terminal Server

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  • RDP to Terminal Server

    Have multiple apps on terminal server that we would like to make auto start VIA RDP.
    The issue is we can make them start and Run-but when quiting the app we would like the RDP session to close.

    Can an aplication autostart when RDP is launched and can the RDP session be set to close when the aplication is exited?

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    Re: RDP to Terminal Server

    I don't think that this can be done with plain RDP... Sounds like you need a software-publishing solution, like Citrix, Cockpit or 2X AppServer. This way, your users will get a seamless application only, not a full Desktop.
    And btw, the title of your post is not the best you could find to explain what you're looking for...

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      Re: RDP to Terminal Server

      Or wait for Windows 2008

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        Re: RDP to Terminal Server

        I've done such thing a long long time ago with scripting.
        We replaced the explorer.exe in the registry for the script if i recalled it correctly.. Anyhow, it whas the process which starting the shell.

        The script then started the application and keep looping a part of the script which was monitoring the process.
        When the process was closed the script executed a logoff.
        With GPO's we totally locked down the machine so no other stuff was able to start.

        This isn't a nice and clean solution but it did the job.
        I don't have the script anymore and you have to search the registry for replacing the explorer.exe.

        Exually the process is quite simple:
        Replace correct shell part in the registry for the script.
        Script start application
        Script starts monitoring if the exe file is still running (maybe you should use multiple checks)
        If exe file isn't running anymore then logoff.

        SO yes, it can be done but personally I would go for Citrix. It quite hard to script and if you use multiple users and scripts is even harder.
        Especially if a process needs multiple instances or multiple files to call. You really need to know what exe files are running because of the monitoring part of the script.
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