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Rem Assist from Vista Home to XP Pro SP2

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  • Rem Assist from Vista Home to XP Pro SP2

    Trying to set up my mother's laptop (over the telephone) to enable me to access remotely to fix problems when they arise. She has a Dell Inspiron running Vista Home; I am using a Dell Precision running XP Pro SP2. She uses Yahoo Mail, and I cannot figure out how to create the file that she has to manually paste into an email and send to me. The URL below is set up for someone who has a computer-based email (POP3). She doesn't, so I am stumped on how to do this. I'd appreciate any assistance.


    (see the second screen shot at this URL:

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    Re: Rem Assist from Vista Home to XP Pro SP2

    The easy way is to crate a dummy pop3 account so after you create the new file, you can save it locally or save it locally without using pop3 email.
    After you save the file, you send it via yahoo mail the required file.
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