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Can TS session be locked?

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  • Can TS session be locked?


    My users are using TS for most of their work.
    My problem is that they have to go to the bathroom or drink etc.
    Now my go configuration is to disconnect idle sessions after X time, and then log of the session.
    Is there a way that the user can lock the session, go and do what he want, and then return to the session ( and leaving the session running on the client)?


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    Re: Can TS session be locked?

    during TS session you can go to the START->Settings->Security and get the normal "security screen"
    With best regards, Victor


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      Re: Can TS session be locked?

      Well, you can instruct them not to drink or eat, so they won't need to go to the toilets And why is that your problem?
      Now, seriously:
      - how many TS servers do you have there?
      - do you have a load balancer (in case you have more than one server)?
      - have you tried to disconnect them only, without logging them off? They should be able to connect to the same session again, if there's only one server ... Or at least log them off after an additional period of time...
      - have you considered making the X period of time longer?
      - and if all the above don't help, create on their desktops a shortcut that runs this command: %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation . Instruct your users to double-click on it before leaving their TS sessions.

      Credits: command taken from Kelly's Korner.

      Sorin Solomon

      In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


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        Re: Can TS session be locked?

        I have 2 TS Servers
        I have a load balancer
        My problem with the disconnect option is that after the additional time the server logs them of and their profile gets some problems.
        The major one is the problem with the language bar, it adds another language bar at each log on...

        As I can understand from your answers, there isn't any option to lock the session after some idle time.

        The reason I need the session lock is that my users are dealing with personal confidential information, and this information must stay confidential.

        My biggest problem is that my users are idiots.
        90% of them have a very low IQ.

        I'll try the manual lock option and will see how it's going