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Remote Desktop blue screen

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  • Remote Desktop blue screen

    Hello friends,

    I got some problem with the remote desktop and I've been searching for a solution for quite sometimes now.The problem is described as below:

    -We connect to the remote server via mstsc on an adsl line
    -Upon connecting,we can see the login screen and can enter username/password and proceed to login.
    -After that,the screen just stays blue without any icons,taskbar or anything.
    -The only way to fix this is to reboot the server untill the problem happens again.

    I've did some test to see whether I have MTU problem but it passed that test.

    The server is running win2k3 with sp2,firebird sql 1.5,AVG 7.5 and an ERP software.The clients are all running XP SP2 with the latest RDC client.

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance for your expertise.

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    Re: Remote Desktop blue screen

    It happened to me too, with XP computers. Never on the server though. It looks like the session gets stuck during the initial connection or because an incomplete disconnect. I never found the real reason for this.
    You can try two things:
    - be sure you do logoff at the end of any session. See if still happens;
    - is there a reason that you connect to the console (by mstsc)? Try to connect to one of the two available connections. This way, if it gets stuck, you can close it, and save yourself the restart of the server.

    Keep us posted...

    Sorin Solomon

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