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  • Broadband restrictions

    I am not sure if this is quite the right section to ask this question. I run a daily news page for a limited numer of folk in a Seniors forum mostly on cotributions sent to me. You cannot normally find the pages on my site without hacking, as they are not generally advertised.

    Each day I upload a couple tunes in the form of a MID file and perhaps a freely available on the internet, bearing in mind even if you cannot actully download some MP3 file, your sound card usually has the provision to record any sound issuing from the speakers.

    I get complaints for a few folk that at certain times of the day they are unable to hear the music, but are able to hear it later. They assure me their file associations settings of Windowss Media Play are inaltered. I have suggested the fault may arise with a server who probably gives priority to more lucartive business traffic than home users.

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    Re: Broadband restrictions

    Did you checked the server CPU, free band width etc.? Is the problem occur also from the LAN?
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