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RDP Logon credentials

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  • RDP Logon credentials

    Hi folks!

    Please can someone tell me, if is it possible to connect remote desktop using windows remote desktop client with current user's credentials ? I mean, that user does'nt have to type 2 or 3 times the same login name and password for making connection.

    I try to do something like this:
    I have created VPN server with certificated L2TP/IPSec connection using CMAK - connection manager administration kit to build configuration exe file for VPN client users. Users does not have to know nothing about networking protocols and about installing certificates to work with VPN remotelly. Everything works fine, but what I like to do is, that after making VPN connection automatically opens remote desktop client and after that automatically runs my application. And here is my little problem with stupid microsoft RD client. How do I enforce existing logon credentials from VPN authentification to authenticate RD client into remote terminal server ?
    first time user types name, password and domain name at VPN, second time at RD client logon. I have searched for this problem via google, but with no result. Is using of existing credencials so risky to connect Remote desktop ?

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    Re: RDP Logon credentials


    The only way is to create a custom RDP with embedded user/pass.
    There may third party products (Like Citrix) that allow you use this option.
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      Re: RDP Logon credentials

      ...or to use RD Client V6 to a Server 2003/Windows XP/Windows Vista destination. This will save user name and pass the first time you use it to that destination and will use the same credentials each time you go the same destination again.

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