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mapped printers in terminal

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  • mapped printers in terminal

    hello all

    i have terminal server on a 2003 machine.
    users local printers are mapped to the terminal via the rdp client.

    i have a problem that for some users their printers seems not to be deleted after thay log off the terminal.

    i noticed that those users have the same printer from the same workstation but with different session id (of course all off them except one are no longer their session)

    this issue cause printing problems, and cause a confiusion to those users because they see the same printer several times and need to know the current session id to print to the right printer.

    * what is causing this issue ?
    * is there any fix or workaround to that issue ?
    * what can i do, except restarting the terminal everytime to prevent this ?

    TNx all

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    Re: mapped printers in terminal

    Please use TS Profile helper tool:

    After this, please vertiy that all the printers use a signed driver from Microsoft and the server use SP2.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: mapped printers in terminal


      Do you mean Profile Cleanup when you say "Profile Helper Tool" ?

      The Profile Cleanup utility is installed on the server.
      (another issue is that the symantec tamper protection detects that utility like a bad one - i've configured the AV to log only and not to block Tampered files, do you think i should disable it ?)

      Do you have a preferred way to check the printers drivers if they are signed ?


      BTW - after i rebooted yesterday evening the server all the bad printers were dissapeared, but i think the problem will return


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        Re: mapped printers in terminal

        mmm Symantec AV can lead for known issues.
        Please remove it and test if the problem occured again.

        To find unsign drivers you can use:

        btw, verity that you installed the printers in this process:

        Go to "Printers" -> "Server".

        Please dont use auto driver installation, like a full driver installation.
        Best Regards,

        Yuval Sinay

        LinkedIn:, Blog: