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Terminal Server / Remote Desktop Problem !?

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  • Terminal Server / Remote Desktop Problem !?


    I have a big problem with the default behaviour of Windows Server Terminal Services that has been a problem to me for some years and I am hoping someone here can help me out, as the pages on MCSEworld on Remote Desktop have already helped me with other problems greatly.

    Ok, the default behaviour is :

    - Connect to a Win2000 or Win2003 Server from a remote desktop client and you get a new instance of the profile. The interactive profile remains with it's processes running on the system.

    - Connect to a WinXP system from a remote desktop client and you can only take interactive control of the system, i.e. only a single log in instance is allowed unless you use something like WinConnect Server XP to allow multiple instances.

    The problem is that on my home servers, I WANT to be able to login to the interactive account. I have processes running there that I want to interact with, but I CANNOT. I log in as a seperate instance of the profile and I can't access those processes, such as download manager clients etc. The default behaviours are great, and useful, but I want the option to be able to log onto a server into the interactive account that is currently logged on to that server ! Please, is there a way to do this ? I think that there *MUST* be a way, I just have never ever found out how to do it !

    Thanks for any answers in advance !


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    When connecting try doing the following:

    Start->Run->mstsc /console

    When you connect it should assume control of the current console session or session 0. Just as a side note the server must be Win2k3, this isn't possible with Win2k.

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      Remote Access over Internet

      I too am "trying" to use Remote Dektop to Access my Terminal services on Windows 2000.

      When i "Browse for computers" on my remote machine (at this point client and server are local to each other no internet in the middle)
      i can select the windows 2000 server (HQ-RES-DC-02)
      Click OK and Connect and thats it, done. I have remote access to server.
      But how do i remote access over the internet??
      Do i need a VPN?? i went aheah and set one up.

      I have VPN set up on my server, but when setting it up on my client im having problems, while running the VPN Connection Wizard i get as far as "VPN Server Selection" im suppossed to enter the IP of the server??? this is my problem my server is inside a router so it has a private IP address ( however i do know my public IP address of the router. Do i enter this, do i need to append a port number to that public IP address(

      any help would greatly be appreciated



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        You don't need VPN to use Remote Desktop or Terminal Services. To connect use EXTERNALIP:PORT and if you have a router make sure the proper ports are forwarded.

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