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TS HUNG After network issue

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  • TS HUNG After network issue

    A couple of times now my Terminal Server has hung up when we have lost connection to a remote office. Users on it have a mapped drive to this office but in a PC situation this would not crash the PC. The TS is left running but you cannot ping it or see anything on the server screen. If left for about 5 minutes it reboots itself. There are no errors in the event viewer after.

    I also have a feeling this issue is not restricted to loss of remote connections. If we have had a blip on the network and PC users briefly report they cannot access data, this has also hung the TS. At the moment the cards on the server are teamed and they plug into a Gig switch. I am considering unteaming them and perhaps try one card on one of the 100 switches. The server runs 2003 R2 and is fully patched.

    Any ideas would be welcome.

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    Re: TS HUNG After network issue

    Please verity that you use the latest drivers, firmware and BIOS.
    Also, please use Windows 2003 SP2 and verity that all the drivers signed by Microsoft.
    If this issue occur again, please review the BIOS event log due the fact that this
    "look" like hardware problem.
    BRW - I hope that you use HP/Cisco/Nortel for LAN switches due the fact that there known
    issues will uncertificate hardware.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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