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Win2k TS to W2k3 License server

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  • Win2k TS to W2k3 License server

    I have several W2k3 terminal servers pointing to a Windows 2k3 license server running in per user mode. I purchased enough per user cals to cover the number of users I have.
    The issue is, I have 1 remaining Windows 2000 terminal server pointing to a Windows 2000 license server. That license server is going to be retired.
    I have a very small number of per device cals installed on this W2k license server.
    The W2k TS is used by a very small set of users
    I was planning on using KB239107 to set the preferred Windows license server to the W2k3 server.

    Do I have to call MS and change those few per device cals to the W2k3 server?
    The users of the W2k TS server are running XP pro.
    I was hoping that the built-in per device cals on the W2k3 server will serve those few users.
    I have enough per user cals to cover these extra users.
    If I do have to Call MS will I get per device cals? and will they co-exist with the per user cals.

    Thank you for any help

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    Re: Win2k TS to W2k3 License server

    The easy way is to install the license server to the Win 2000 TS or to retire the old TS.
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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Win2k TS to W2k3 License server

      Getting rid of the old TS server is not an option.
      I did find some KB articles that show you can have a Win2k3 License server give out licenses for the W2k ts servers. This seems easier than trying to move the license server to a different server.

      The question on if the W2k3 license server will hand out the per-device cals from its built-in pool to the W2k ts server is still not clear to me.