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how does ms track user cal for ts?

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  • how does ms track user cal for ts?


    I know for device cal setup for TS windows server 2003 R2, every device will get a cal and it's time stamped up to 90 days i believe.

    how does ms track ts cals set in user mode then? i have about 2000 users, but not all 2000 users will be using the ts server at the same time and we only want 100 concurrent users at any one time.

    so then if i get 100 ts cals setup in USER mode, does TS win2k3 R2 issue that out to each user and it follows each user like the device cal does? or is it more floating-license style where it only allows 100 users max and has no regard for who they are as long as they can get in and use up one seat?


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    Re: how does ms track user cal for ts?

    User TS cals are not regulated by the system, AFAIK (and I have read that this is the case). I can also say that from my own experience, this resuted in one of my clients using 18 users on a 10 TS user licenced setup. Difficult for me to convince them they had to buy more licences because it worked fine, but of course legally they should have bought more.

    EDIT >> Oh, by the way, you still have to install the TS licencing server component, whichever "User" or "Device" way you want to go, but after that is done only the number of device cals are regulated, not user cals. And for those who wish to switch between device and user - sadly you do have to buy the whole lot all over again, be warned!
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      Re: how does ms track user cal for ts?

      thank you.

      i've got no problem buying the licenses since we get a great discount being an educational institution.

      I just didn't want to buy licenses for all users when i know not all of them will use it. Waste of money that can somewhere else.

      thanks for the reply and kudos for the heads up!


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        Re: how does ms track user cal for ts?

        Please use the tool:

        To monitor the license mode.

        and review:

        In any case, you will need to buy a extra license
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          Re: how does ms track user cal for ts?

          thanks for the links.

          so basically it's on the honor system for user cals.

          it's too bad it's not a floating license system, i know there will be lots of user cals not being used, but having to buy the max for my users seems not really cost effective.

          oh well.