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Terminal Servers - Spoolsv.exe using 700mb Ram

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  • Terminal Servers - Spoolsv.exe using 700mb Ram


    Thanks for taking the time to have a read of my problem.

    Basically i havea farm of 2003 Terminal Servers running away with Office installed and a few other apps. Have another machine that runs as a print server amoungst otherthings... It has all the printers running on it and the users connect there printers through there session.

    Anyway I check the machines regulary with perfmon etc or manually and spot occasionaly the spooler service running at 700mg of ram. Basically it seems that a print job may go into "the void" but sit there are spool up to 700MB ram. A quick restart of the service and all is good. Print servicing keep functioning but the spooler is going crazy.

    Is there a couple of settings i could change to stop this from happening or limit it so it doesn't use all that RAM and therefore degrade my Terminal Servers. Should this be spooling on the print server and not the TS machines ??


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    1. List the printers(models) that you installed on the network.
    2. What about drivers? They are signed by Microsoft? TS is kindda buggy about printing drivers. it mostly likes to work with WHQL drivers.


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      These are heaps of printers unfortunately... Several don't have WHQL drivers, namely a couple of Lanier's and a Kyrocera 3750.

      There are branch offices all over the place, in several states. Each office tends to have some old 7 yr old clunker printer that they just refuse to do away with.

      Thanks for your comment though, as soon as I read it I thought.. ahhh of course, non-TS drivers. I will have to narrow it down and also slowly redirect some of the drivers to Win drivers.

      Anyone had much luck with Uni Print solutions ?