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Get Peachtree 2007 working on TS2003?

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  • Get Peachtree 2007 working on TS2003?

    I bought peachtree premium 2007...they claim it works on MSTS. Yet I have not been able to get it to work. The data resides on a saparate data server. the Pervasive sql services are loaded on the data server and are running.

    PPA 2007 will open and convert my company files. It sees them and converts them from the data server. But when I try to open the company, PPA prompts for the user name which I supply, then it says the user id is in use. I am the only in the system.

    When I make a brand new test company it again prompts for a user id yet I know there are no id's created.

    When I called the Peachtree tech support, I got a guy who said PPA would not work with data on a separate data server. Go figure. The tier 1 fellow escalated the case to the tier 2 tech's..but they never called back. When I called back they said they had called and left a message...which they did not. But now they said they will not take call unless I pay them $300 for tech support, just to get their product to work.

    I hope someone out here has an answer for this...

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Re: Get Peachtree 2007 working on TS2003?

    Does anyone speak Cantonese?

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      Re: Get Peachtree 2007 working on TS2003?

      First, you usually have 45 days to return the product and get money back.
      Also, I guess that you need to install Pervasive client on the TS and setup it so you can connect to the DB server.
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      Yuval Sinay

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