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folder/file permissions

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  • folder/file permissions


    In our thin client environment, the Windows 2k3 is installed on 'C' drive. In the 'D' drive there are certain folders that contain subfolders and files and these sub folders contain other sub folders and files and so on. These files are primarily excel spread sheet .xls files.

    By default if one user opens a particular file, others only get a 'read only' instance.

    How can we configure folder permissions/rights so that these files can be shared between all RDP users so that they are available to them to read, write and also add, modify and append data. But no one should be able to delete these folders/files/sub folders and files within these sub folders and so on.

    At present, the moment we permit modifications, it allows deletion also.]


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    Re: folder/file permissions

    Read up in your Excel Help on "Shared Workbook"

    Regarding the prevention of deletes, click the "Advanced" button in "Properties\Security" then "Edit" the particular "Permission Entries" and uncheck "Delete"


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