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  • memory and cpu

    Hi ,
    I have 2 TS with windows 2003 standart in DELL 1850 2x3.G xeon and 4G ram.
    On each machine I got about 15-20 users.
    they have a performance issue and I restricted them from running powerpoint and flash based sites but they need it to there works ( some of them ).
    meanwhile I used GP to alow some users to use FLASH and PP.

    I need help to control and manage the memory and cpu for each user and process.

    can u help me.
    I try now some utills that should control it. can u recommend me about good programs or another built-in solutions.

    thx ahead

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    Re: memory and cpu

    I have a load balanced pair of those servers serving 150 users without any performance issues.

    Maybe tell us some specifics about WHAT performance issues you're having, on which computers, and what they are doing at the time, and we can track down how to fix the problem instead of trying to cover up the symptom?

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      Re: memory and cpu

      And, of course, what you tried so far and didn't work...

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