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can't connect to virtual ip/hostname on ts 2003

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  • can't connect to virtual ip/hostname on ts 2003


    Ok, I've setup NLB on windows 2003 R2 ent. I have 2 machines with only 1 nic card in each (they have 2 each, but i disabled 1 and left 1 enabled - originally i was going to do a dual nic setup, but opted for a single nic to see how the performance was going for the test setup).

    Everything was working, I got the NLB to converge and i can connect to the virtual ip/hostname and fail over was working. I'm using single nic on each machine running multicast setup.

    I install terminal services, everything was smooth. I got both ts license server and the session directory installed on another server on my root domain, the ts servers are on a child domain. I've added the computers to the TS servers group on the session directory server. I've added the license server to the local group TS license server on the license server.

    now when i connect to my ts server using the virtual ip/hostname it says:
    "the computer can't connect to the remote computer"

    I can ping and resolve the virtual ip/hostname. under nlb manager i see both my boxes are converged.

    I can connect to each ts server via their own hostname/ip. I just can't connect to them via the virtual ip/host.

    not sure why, but it must be a setting somewhere.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    thanks a bunch.

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    Re: can't connect to virtual ip/hostname on ts 2003

    bahh dumb dumb me.

    figured it out with this.

    Under my RDP connection setting i had chose a specific network card, but i moved it back to listen to all.

    now it works.

    sorry to bother you guys.


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      Re: can't connect to virtual ip/hostname on ts 2003

      Well done !!
      And thank you for letting us know.

      Sorin Solomon

      In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.