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2003 Terminal Server on an NT domain

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  • 2003 Terminal Server on an NT domain


    I am having a serious mental block, so please enlighten me.

    One of our customers has a NT domain and they want us to implement a replacement Windows 2003 Terminal Server ahead of the migration from NT to 2003, which will mean AD on two dedicated servers.

    When users log on to the new 2003 Terminal Server to run our application, the user account will be the one I configure locally on the server, as I believe.

    So when they move to AD on the new servers, the users will log into the new domain first with their AD credentials, but when they RDP to the Terminal Server ( which some will do, daft yes) , they will need to use the local account already configured on the new TS.

    Is there a way that the Terminal Server can authenticate against the user account configured in AD without me dcpromo'ing the Terminal Server

    Sorry its a really daft question, but I just can't get my head around it.

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    Re: 2003 Terminal Server on an NT domain

    Please review:

    If you are going to use in place upgrade, there wouldnt be a need to change anything on the TS server.

    If you are going to use a migration to a new domain/forest you may need to reactivate the TS license server and licenses.

    Also, please use regular users from the domain and local accounts.
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      Re: 2003 Terminal Server on an NT domain

      yeap, as i though

      Cheers for kicking the brain back into gear