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Howto Install Printers on a Terminal Server

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  • Howto Install Printers on a Terminal Server

    Hi all,

    I am going to install a new printer driver on a win 2003 terminal server. Users log into the server remotely and work on a shared application. They frequently require printouts from this application(printing needs to be done on their local printers).

    Is there anything i need to be concerned about before I install the printer driver on the terminal server? I've heard that there could be a problem if too many sessions are created and not closed properly.

    Please advise.

    Have a great holiday !


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    Re: Howto Install Printers on a Terminal Server

    All users are printing to the same printer? Or you need to map every user's default printer to the TS session?

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: Howto Install Printers on a Terminal Server

      You ask a very good question. The key to sucess is to NOT install drivers on a TS box as 3rd party printer drivers cause problems and REAL problems but if you must then you must certify that the driver you wish to install works and works well.

      All this being said, I highly recommend reading, "How to Certify a Printer Driver on Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server XP/3.0".

      This doc is written with citrix in mind but the same principles apply to printing in Terminal Services only!!! Just ignore anything relating to Citrix.

      I hope it helps and happy printing!

      Douglas Brown
      Microsoft MVP - Terminal Services
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