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RDP 6.0 issues

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  • RDP 6.0 issues

    I am sure that everyone who has installed RDP 6.0 has noticed the huge difference.

    Has anyone figured out if there is a way to eliminate or restrict some of the new features? The main one that I want to eliminate is the 'remember my password' checkbox on the initial screen.

    Using terminal services in the financial industry and having this checked could be a HUGE security risk. I can't believe that Microsoft would have this feature available right out of the box. It should be something that could be enabled, if wanted.

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    Re: RDP 6.0 issues

    I believe that we will see an updated ADM file soon (I hope, at least ), that will allow SysAdmins to deal with the new features.
    Regarding the point you raised, take a look at the two attachments:
    - rdp6_1.jpg shows some new options that are available in the client after you choose to save a password. Notice the Edit and Delete options, and the Always ask... checkbox;
    - rdp6_2.jpg shows how you can restrict your users from saving credentials from the GPO side.
    These two should cover the two scenarios: corporate users in AD environment and stand alone users.
    I know, the later is user-based, thus problematic. But, hey, our users should be educated as well... What's the difference between "Save your password" option and the user writing his/her password on a note attached to their screen? None. In both you hope that the user understands the importance of a password. And if he/she doesn't, it's our job to explain them.

    Good luck to us all
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