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terminal server- hav a error?

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  • terminal server- hav a error?

    Hi experts

    i tried to open my mail server through remotedesktop from one of my member server.. getting the following error msg......

    ###the remote session disconnected because the local computer's client access license could not be upgraded or renewed.###

    but i am able to get the remotedesktop session to other servers from the same machine.... i checked the terminal server licensing... in that temporary license got expired for my server.... its the reason for error..... then how i able to get the remote desktop with the other servers..

    thanks in advance

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    Re: terminal server- hav a error?

    hey logu
    Remote desktop and terminal server both are diffrent application. Remote destop could be used to provide support to person using MS operating system where as terminal server is for application sharing. You need to enable seperate lisence for terminal server on top of windows 2003 server where as for remote desktop windows server lisence is enough


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      Re: terminal server- hav a error?

      wat abt that error mess... how do i resolve this...


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        Re: terminal server- hav a error?

        The server installed with Terminal Server so you will need to remove this service after a backup.
        Then enable RDP (like in Win XP/Vista).
        Best Regards,

        Yuval Sinay

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