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Terminal Services Wallpaper Issue.

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  • Terminal Services Wallpaper Issue.

    Hello all,

    Hope you can help me - i seem to have broken something

    I have been redesigning our network - this has included a corporate wallpaper for all our terminal services users which i applied and had working without any issues via a group policy. Running tests yesterday i noticed that remote access was extremely slow at the load up screen as a result of a Dell bitmap image that was 2Mb and taking ages to load. I found the following article on the web about this. and decided that if the registry key was not needed i would delete it. It worked - however now my wallpaper is not working either.

    All my users are getting when they log on instead of the wallpaper is a little white square in the top left corner with a green circle, red square and blue triangle in it. Figuring this may have been caused by the deletion of the registry key i have re-imported it from another server which is identical in every way apart from server name. This has had no effect in fixing the issue. I have gone back into the group policy object and removed the Active Desktop setting, removed the Wallpaper unc path and saved it - then gone back into it and re-activated everything just in case that would help - so far nothing.

    Any ideas on sorting this out?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Terminal Services Wallpaper Issue.

    Moved to TS Forum.
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