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Disable COM port redirection

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  • Disable COM port redirection

    I have a windows xp sp2 machine called (host). On this host I have an application that uses a modem connected to com port 1. When working directly on host, everything works well, that is that application can successfully use the local modem to dial out.

    When I connect to this host machine from an rdp client (embedded into an ssl-vpn appliance) (remote), that application no longer can see the modem. How can I disable com port redirection on the win xp host machine? Or what else can be the cause for this problem?

    (If I connect to host using vnc, that application can see the modem. this leads me to believe that the com port redirection is the culprit).
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    Re: Disable COM port redirection

    1. You can setup RDP client to not use com/serial ports redirection.
    2. You can setup GPO to not allow com/serial ports redirection.
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      Re: Disable COM port redirection

      GPO did the trick, thanks!