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Terminal servers

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  • Terminal servers

    hi everybody
    i wanna ask that how many clients can connec to one terminal server? is there any restriction for this?
    i have got 70 thin clients and server has 12 GB ram,4 AMD Opteron CPU bu my performans is not fine.what must i do for increasing performance on my erminal server?
    thanks alo

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    Re: Terminal servers

    If it's a LICENSED terminal server there is no PHYSICAL limit but I would not like to go above 50 concurrent users if I could avoid it.

    If you have not licensed it, the limit is 2.

    p.s. [edit] with 12Gb RAM are you booting with /fastdetect /PAE /3GB switches in the boot.ini?

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      Re: Terminal servers

      I would post in the correct forum.
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        Re: Terminal servers

        1. You will need to use Windows 2003 Data Center or Windows 2003 St. or higher 64 bit to use 12 GB of RAM...
        Also, please review:
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