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    Hi All,

    I'm wondering if there is a solution to a problem I have with a multiple tray printer and Windows 2000 Terminal Services.

    We have a Windows 2000 Server set-up as a hosted Terminal Server. We then allow customers to access a custom built application through the use of RDC and Terminal Services.

    The problem I've got currently is that the users (when they connect) do not have all the printer trays available for use. On their network (which I have not control or influence over) they have a Windows 2003 Server acting as a print server for HP LaserJet 5000 printers. All the users can print to whichever tray on the HP LaserJet 5000 they want to (via their own network).

    When they connect to our Windows 2000 Terminal Server they only get trays 1 and 2 available. I've tried mapping other printer drivers to the HP LaserJet 5000 via the ntprint.inf file. I've also tried setting up the HP LaserJet 5000 locally on the Windows 2000 Terminal Server (as LPT1), enabling all trays (1 thru 4) and exporting the registry key for this. My hope was that via an OU, I would be able to run a login script that merged the registry exported when the users connected and logged into the Terminal Server. This doesn't work either. Can anyone help please?


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    Re: Printer Tray Selection

    When you have created the printer locally on the terminal server,

    take the properties of this printer and navigate to advanced settings, klik on default settings, have you configured that also?


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      Re: Printer Tray Selection

      Sorry for Spam, but I do believe you mean Click


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        Re: Printer Tray Selection

        Originally posted by Eternity View Post
        Sorry for Spam, but I do believe you mean Click
        there is an old quote "if you havent got anything worth saying, don't say it"

        As you will notice, Danny is from Holland so, I presume, English is not his first language. If my Dutch was as good as his English, I still wouldnt pick someone up on spelling unless the post did not make sense.

        I would suggest an apology is in order before one of the admins takes official notice

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          Re: Printer Tray Selection

          Sorry danny