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Comparing Server Based solutions

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  • Comparing Server Based solutions

    This is a general question. Feel free to pontificate.

    I have an accounting firm that is considering the possibility of migrating from client/server computing to a server based computing (SBC) solution.

    They currently have an SBS 2003 server running the standard SBS stuff, and SQL server (on Windows 2003), and an old Gateway Windows 2000 server that serves as a platform for a 5 user license Citrix Metaframe XP FR3 server.

    They run the standard applications PLUS a whole lot of non-standard applications that have to do with accounting. I would say that a lot of those non-standard applications are not designed to run on Citrix or Terminal Services, but so far the ones being used by remote users seem to work OK.

    Inside the building, we could conceivably transition to complete thin-client operation using the existing PCs as clients until attrition requires us to replace them with something. If we set up a new remote office, those users could also connect with a thin client. Also, the in-house users are all on dual monitors so it might be best to stick with PCs which can take dual video cards.

    Outside the building (when they go to client sites to work), however, they still need to be able to work with existing laptop computers. Though many of their clients have high-speed internet access, many do not. So I am looking at a mixed environment.

    The question is, how do the existing SBC solutions compare for both utility and total cost. Is there any reason to prefer Citrix over Terminal Services? What about other solutions that ride on Terminal Services, like CockpIT or 2xApplicationServer & LoadBalancer? What is your opinion and experience?

    Is there a good place to read an objective comparison of the different solutions?

    Are there other solutions available? Is it possible to publish a Windows Desktop or publish Windows applications from a Linux server instead of using a Windows Terminal Server? If so, what might be the best solution for that?

    Is there any downside to using Linux based client machines to connect to the servers instead of paying for more Microsoft licensing?

    If you've got an opinion - share it.


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    Re: Comparing Server Based solutions

    You will need to buy:

    1. Two servers for TS + Citrix (dont think about other products).
    2. Citrix Gateway for DMZ access to LAN.
    3. Good firewall + high speed internet line.

    Dont waste time and money on Linux solutions...
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