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removing terminal servers

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  • removing terminal servers


    I was wondering if there are any steps in decommissioning terminal servers?

    I was originally planning on setting up a test terminal server environment (but they would be members of our production ad environment, i need the users to be able to access them during the test trial) with some spare hardware to see the performance. After when I can determine the hardware need and purchase the production equipment, I want to decommission the test terminal servers.

    the TS licensing service won't be hosted on the test terminal servers.

    I did some googling, but i didn't see any articles on decommissioning terminal servers.

    I thuoght perhaps terminal servers may have some caveats that are similiar to decomissioning DC's. I just don't want to take them off and have issues with my production terminal servers when I bring them up.

    anyone know?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: removing terminal servers

    TS is easily removed

    Add/Remove Programs/Remove Windows Programs/Deselect TS.

    I'll try and see if i can find a doc that will outline a proper decommissioning.


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      Re: removing terminal servers


      much appreciated


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        Re: removing terminal servers

        If your TS is on a Windows 2000 Server you can always bring it back up at a later time with no worries. But if you are doing this with a 2003 TS you will have to take into consideration that you have a 120 day grace period before you are required to setup a TS License Server. At 121 days your TS will no longer allow logins.

        Just thought you might like to know.