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How does RAS assign IP addresses

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  • How does RAS assign IP addresses

    Having some very strange routing or nating problems with our network

    Have an SBS server doing (i think) the VPN authentication for remote clients setting up PPP connections over the net. have a 2nd server providing terminal services - 2003 standard.

    The sbs server hands out IP addresses to the incomming clients. some are able to ping the 2nd server some are not. I think it realates to which IP address the client has been handed. I can see the leases in DHCP assigned to RAS, and when an IP from the consecutive block of number is handed out, everything works fine. If a higher IP say is handed out, it is not possible to ping the other servers ip from the connected client.

    How does the whole RAS / IP thing work?

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    Re: How does RAS assign IP addresses


    check your route on the server you can check it from the command line and the subnet that the servers are using
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      Re: How does RAS assign IP addresses

      Makng a fool of myself again.

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