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connecting to terminal server outside of LAN

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  • connecting to terminal server outside of LAN


    We are in the process of putting up a thin client setup where in all client machines boot from a local server and connect to the same ( or another terminal server ( within our LAN.

    Time to time, we need to connect to another terminal server not in our LAN but outside it via internet broadband. E.g. Our present terminal server has IP address (subnet mask and DHCP range to

    Now some users and/or clients may need to connect to a server outside our LAN to an IP address, say,

    When we specify another server on the default file as "rdp=" it works very well, but on specifying "rdp=", it does not connect and simply gives the message...."network not available" or any other.

    Inputs to resolve this issue would be much appreciated.

    thanks & regards,

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    Re: connecting to terminal server outside of LAN

    Please run from the client machine telnet serverip 3389.
    If the ocnnection is drop, some firewall or/and routing issue exiting and this
    isnt really terminal problem.

    Firewall rules: From LAN IPs, From Any Port
    To: TS Target IP, To Port TCP 3389
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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