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  • Sms 2003 Experiment

    Dear all,

    I am studying on Systems Management server 2003 based on windows 2003 AD and presently have a requirement for creating a local admin user from my DC to the client machines remotely from the DC itself.

    I wonder if there is a script which I can add to the logon of users so as when they login to the domain the user is created on their local machines as local administrators and it should run only once. Once created it should not do so the next time.

    This would greatly help me on my studies with SMS and installation of SMS client and all other software from the SMS server.

    Thanks very much for help...

    It could have been done from the Domain account itself but the point is not to give the SMS admin so much power as domain admins.
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    Re: Sms 2003 Experiment

    This should not be a logon script as you can't assume that the user that is logging on is in the computers local Administrators group.

    You should create SMS package with a program (script) that creates a user and adds the account to local Administrators group (check out "net user /?" and "net localgroup /?").
    After that deploy the package to the clients.
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