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SMS 2003 decommision to SCCM 2012 instal

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  • SMS 2003 decommision to SCCM 2012 instal

    Decommission SMS2003 completely with the site code so that i can come up with SCCM 2012 please guide me

    1. \\SMS2003\SMS2003_Site\Client\i386 where sms2003 is my sms server name

    i have ran smsman.exe

    2. on the SMS administrative console.
    Site Database-Site Hirarchy-Site i have deleted Site boundaries.

    from here do i need to delete each and every distribution point under packages
    and then run Ccmclean tool(smstoolkit)

    do i need to delete any entries in active directory schema.
    i have windows 7 client computers having smsadvanced client.
    change site name or keeping the same sitename will it effect my client computers from communicating
    with sccm2012.