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WSUS Automatic Approval of Updates

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  • WSUS Automatic Approval of Updates

    I gave setup new WSUS server on 2008 R2 and I need a clarification on Automatic Approvals. Is it applicable for already downloaded updates on the WSUS server or is it applicable only for the new Syncronization after creating the automatic approval rule?

    The help says...
    After creating your rule, you can now use it to apply to already synchronized updates.

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    Re: WSUS Automatic Approval of Updates

    Automatic Approvals only apply to updates synchronized after the rule has been created.

    If you wish to apply the rule retroactively to the updates that have already been synchronized, use the "Run Rule Now" option; however, be very judicious about this capability as it will likely result in approvals for several hundred updates that will never actually need to be approved, and then download files for those updates that you will never need.

    I generally recommend to apply retroactive updates manually, to the few updates that actually do need approvals. You'll be able to identify these because clients report them as needed and they're not superseded.