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Disk Drive monitoring tool

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  • Disk Drive monitoring tool

    I'm not sure if this is what I'm looking for but it's the only thing I can think of.

    We have 4 machines that connect to a 2k3 server. Every once and a while (more often lately) when people try and access data on the server they get the hour glass. It can last for minutes...or just a few seconds. And this occurs on ALL of the machines...not one is exempt from it.

    I've done disk checks, defragged...everything *looks* good. But I'm wondering if there is a drive that's failing.

    Is there a tool that monitors drive activity and will show how fast/slow data is being read?

    It's at a remote location so it's nearly impossible to be on site when it happens. I always just get the report that it happened.

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    Re: Disk Drive monitoring tool

    Maybe the link is bogged down at certain times rather than the server?

    What server is it, I would think there would be some management tools on it that could at least read the SMART info on the disks.

    Pauses could also be things like AV scans, backups etc

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