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    Hi all,

    Hope this is the right place for this question? Apologies if not. Basically we have a client who has a disconnected WSUS setup. The system that is 'disconnected' has never been and can never be connected to the internet, which isn't a major issue.

    I've made sure that the language packs and the types of updates being downloaded match that of the export, internet connected system. My question is, on the export server they have a far greater list of what updates are 'available' such as, exchange 2010, office 2010, windows defender etc etc, yet the disconnected server doesn't have all of these options to tic.

    The import is happening now and seems to be going OK, will the list of products for selection change once the import has completed successfully? If not, how do I get the list populated so they can select the updates they want?

    The process is about 2 3rds of the way through and I have 350 updates that are 'not applicable' I assume due to not being selected in the products list?

    Sorry if this sounds a bit jumbled, but hopefully you know what I mean

    Many thanks