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Company Disclaimer\Agreement for systems access

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  • Company Disclaimer\Agreement for systems access

    I will try to explain this as best i can. The company i work for has requested we implement a systems access agreement when they log into the pc(Could be a one time thing). Now i know how to add disclaimer text via interactive logon GPO but, my employer wants something that is digitally signed or something that can be kept on record. In other words they want to be able to go back and prove that someone has accepted the terms of use. Has anyone any experience with this type of issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW I realize they could just sign an agreement when they are hired but my employer wants this process automated.
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    Re: Company Disclaimer\Agreement for systems access

    If your management aren't happy with the enforcement of clicking 'OK' on a screen during login which explicitly calls out the doom of unauthorised access, try instituting a formal training session before a user logs on the first time. Have them read and sign an Acceptable Use Policy with the do's and don'ts of the system at that training session, and then no one can argue.

    For currency's sake, if you change the Acc. Use Pol. and Mgt are concerned about folks begging off that they didn't know, you'd have to bring folks in en mass to re-certify, or at least set up a script to display the new text and record who logged on to what PC and at what date/time so you have a record of who's seen it.

    Once you start worrying about physical signatures for tracking, it all gets a lot busier.
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