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WSUS issue (0 updates detected)

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  • WSUS issue (0 updates detected)

    Hi all,

    We are still using the old-fashioned WSUS with GPO or registry editing.

    Recently our WSUS server was reinstalled (previously win srv 2003 and now 2008 R2).

    I wasn't involved in the process but have to deal with a serious consequence -

    Ever since some of the servers are not receiving any updates - the ports are open, the services are running, but the log claims that "0 updates detected" - despite new updates being added to the WSUS servers.

    The process of switching to the 2008 server included moving the WSUS DB and I suspect this is the cause of our problem.

    Any ideas as to how this can be resolved?



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    Re: WSUS issue (0 updates detected)

    what do you mean the "old fashioned wsus way"

    Have you looked at the windowsupdate.log file on any of the effectted servers?
    have you looked at the wsus console, to see whether or not they are checking in?
    have you run the reports on the wsus console to show what patches wsus server thinks these clients need?
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      Re: WSUS issue (0 updates detected)

      Do the servers show in the wsus console? Enough disk space on the wsus server for the updates. Client side targeting setup incorrectly?

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