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Copying files using SMS

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  • Copying files using SMS

    Am trying to copy files from a network share to all our PCs on the network. I am trying to do this through SMS 2003.

    I've created a VBS script that works manually when you run it but when I try and deploy it via SMS I get error messages.

    Within the execmgr.log file I see things like "Invalid data file filecopy.vbs to execute using file association"

    Within the SMS report viewer I see "An error occurred while preparing to run the program for advertisement "GLA200F3" ("GLA0008F" - "Copy Files"). The operating system reported error 2147942402: The system cannot find the file specified. Additional program properties:
    Command line: filecopy.vbs
    Working directory:
    Drive letter (? = any):
    Possible cause: This message most commonly occurs when the programís command-line executable file could not be found, when a required drive letter connection to a distribution point could not be established, or when the program is configured to use the SMS Software Installation Account but the account is not specified, could not be found, or does not have the appropriate permissions.
    Solution: Check each of the items listed above."

    Any ideas how I can resolve this?

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    Re: Copying files using SMS

    Powershell script maybe works better. Something like this

    $dest=get-content "destinations.txt"
    foreatch ($item in $dest) {copy-item $source $item)

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      Re: Copying files using SMS

      I discovered the reason it wasn't working was I'd added files into the Source Directory after creating the package and the distribution point hadn't updated. So the file that I was trying to run wasn't there. Updated the distribution point and now all working!!

      Simple when you know how - eh? lol