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How to add programs to Add/Remove programs?

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  • How to add programs to Add/Remove programs?

    Hi Guys

    I am using SCCM 2007 SP1 with Windows Server 2003. I am looking for a solution where I add user to a security group in AD, then corresponding application starts to display in Add/Remove program list for user to run.


    - I created a security group called APP_SMS_Reader9.2_GG in AD.
    - I add 2 users to it such as Mike & Roy.
    - I also created collection in SCCM 2007 under the name of APP_SMS_Reader9.2_GG.
    - After that I distribute my pre-created Adobe Reader 9.2 package to that collection.

    Result: It works fine and deploys application automatically to user when they log into computer.

    However, I want user to chose to install from Add/Remove programs and it should not automatically deploy on to their computers. I also want Adobe Reader 9.2 to keep displaying in Add/Remove programs list till they are member of the security group - APP_SMS_Reader9.2_GG.


    I know, I, can achieve this via GPO. However, I am looking for alternative solution via SCCM 2007. Any suggestions to this post will be appreciated and thank you all in advance.



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    Re: How to add programs to Add/Remove programs?

    I think I found the solution. I have suppressed notifications in program advertisement. Also selected option to install only when user logged on and provided him Administrative privileges. If someone have better solution, I will be interested.