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SMS 2003\BDD 2007 - XP OSD failure

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  • SMS 2003\BDD 2007 - XP OSD failure

    Hi there

    Wonder if anyone can advise me on a BDD 2007 OS deployment issue?

    First of all, this BDD 2007 server and the OSD config was not done by me. For info, it is part of a SMS 2003 infrastructure.

    I am trying to get the XP Pro build process working. I am led to believe the config has been completed.

    Unfortunately, after booting the pc from the nic, I get an error. This is the order:

    - the 'Initializing Windows PE' splash appears for perhaps 15 seconds

    - very briefly, the text changes to 'Initializing Network'

    - for a second or two only 'Initializing Windows PE' appears again

    - then this error message appears:

    "SMS Operating System Deployment - The Operating System Installation failed. Please contact your system administrator for assistance. Unspecified Error (80004005)"

    I've spent some time looking into this error (80004005) and from what I can gather it possibly means 'access denied'.

    I'm assuming after Windows PE loads the first Task Sequence begins, and if this possibly is where the issue lies?


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    Re: SMS 2003\BDD 2007 - XP OSD failure

    Is this in connection to this posting?

    I haven't used this recently but I remember that some of the issues faced were generally driver related and maybe in connection with the HAL version. You could look for scripts that perhaps can be added to the sequence, which effectively can look at the model of the computer and set the HAL appropriately.