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Product Key Verification

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  • Product Key Verification

    Not sure where in the forum to ask, so hopefully this will be sufficient. I am new with my company as IT manager / engineer. It's a 2 man show right now and the other guy just came on as well. The previous IT kept little to no records. The company just split from a parent and brought over some IT equipment and software. I need to determine our software product key ownership and type (OEM, Volume, etc). Beyond calling, MS, Adobe, Symantec, etc directly, does anyone know of a site or tool that can take a product key and give the logistics on it? Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: Product Key Verification

    See if this helps

    check this as well
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      Re: Product Key Verification

      Thanks for the follow up. I actually know what the keys are, we already use jellybean. What I am trying to determine is ownership of the keys and key type. I was hoping MS had a site or tool I could plug the key into and it comes back and says...key owned by / registered to =, purchase date =, License type =, and so on.