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SCCM Imaging some drivers not getting applied to Image

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  • SCCM Imaging some drivers not getting applied to Image

    I'm getting a Windows 10 image ready for a device. Initially I imaged it, the base Win 10 Image. Logged into it saw what drivers were missing. Downloaded those drivers made sure they work, uploaded them into SCCM so they'd be on the image. and imaged the device again. The problem I'm having is that out of the 10 drivers for various things 2 don't seem to be getting applied to the device like the others. I installed the drivers manuallyI know they are the right files. Am I missing something simple?

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    Do the driver you had to install come with setup programs?

    AFAIK SCCM will need the INF and associated files to install the drivers correctly.

    This is interesting reading regards to drivers.


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      No they are all the INF files. And Some of the ones I did import for this model do apply just not these 2


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        Hmm seems strange.

        Almost like SCCM doesn't recognise the driver during the PnP phase.

        How are you installing after the build?

        How do you have your drivers set to install? Are you able to create a driver group and apply that? Sorry only starting with SCCM after a number of years using MDT.


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          I was able to get around it, I juts added a Task to the job to install them after the build. Still not sure why they don't load with the rest of the drivers in the driver group though. Oh well