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Some clients not checking in and cannot install S/W

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  • Some clients not checking in and cannot install S/W

    We have about 8700 clients and about 2 weeks ago noticed on some we couldn't install S/W on the clients. We could use the Remote tool and access them and they are online Network wise. If you install something it just sits at downloading 0%. It looks like almost a 20% of our stations are in this state. We've tried the obvious rebooting of course. We've found if you taskill the CMCexec task and restart the SMS agent service it brings it back online but only for anywhere between 12 hours to a few days. It fixes it but not permanently. Pushing the client reinstall from the server doesn't work unless you manually kill the CMCexec service. And even then it works for a while. We have a case open with MS but they don;t seem to comprehend the problem. They'll remote in restart the service on 1 machine and call it fixed because it works right that moment on that station. Has anyone else seen this?

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    A clue which version of SCCM (assuming it IS SCCM) would be helpful
    Anything about the failed clients compared with the other 80% (OS, hardware, power mode...)?
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      Sorry, Yes SCCM 2012 R2 The clients are all Windows n 8.1. A few different Dell models even a few Virtual machines. ON the Desktops the Power settings are to just the monitor not the PC. And I'm guessing its about 20% there isn't any way of knowing for sure until you go to install S/W. The best I can do is sort the list by Last activity and last policy request and look at the oness that haven't checking in in more then a day and they all seem to be having the problem.


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        This is the last thing I got from Microsoft. But Like ti told them even the uninstall doesn't work unless you manually kill the Cmcexec process. Its like that proicess is getting corrupt somehow but still running. I've reinstalled thecleint on a few and it works for varying times 12 hours to a day or two then stops getting policy requests again

        Go to C:\windows\ccmsetup directory using command prompt.

        Then run ccmsetup.exe /uninstall. This will uninstall the client(Wait for 5 mins till the time client doesn’t get uninstalled properly) and then use ccmclean.exe /all /removehistory. This will clean the machine from ccm enteries.

        Reboot the machine and then push the client again from sccm console.