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DPM Replica is inconsistent

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  • DPM Replica is inconsistent

    I have 2 domain controllers that I installed the DPM 2007 agent on. I tried to backup the system state, but all I get for a status on both DC's is "Replica is inconsistent". The replica and recovery point volumes allocated is much higher than used, so it's not like I need to allocate more space. Not sure what else could cause the problem. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: DPM Replica is inconsistent

    I seem to be having the same issue with one server (2003 Standard SP2).
    I've actually allocated more space and it will fix it for a bit then return to the inconsistant state. Like the above poster I have no need to increase the size I did so just so it would at least back up. Thanks for any insight anyone might have.


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      Re: DPM Replica is inconsistent

      Boy I hate figuring things out the moment I post something!
      Well here is what I did to fix it.
      After digging around for a bit more I found this blog

      It sounded reasonable that maybe I didn't have enough space on my system drive for it to back up, sure enough here was an issue. After reading the above blog entry I then went to the link for technet which showed me how to change the dpm_system_state volume and or directory. I copied my system drive directory directly to another volume and then ran a consistancy check, well it errored out just like technet described. I then modified the disk allocation ( I added 1/2 Gb). and reran and situation is solved.. at least for now.
      Hope this helps others out there with this issue!


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        Re: DPM Replica is inconsistent

        Thanks for coming back with the solution! For the sake of the future generations

        Sorin Solomon

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