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Outsourcer Systems Mgmt Software advice wanted

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  • Outsourcer Systems Mgmt Software advice wanted

    Firstly apologies as this is possibly slightly OT for this section of the forum, however I couldnt find anywhere more relevant to ask the question.

    I'm involved in a new start up IT Outsourcer/Integrator, and we are looking at a systems mgmt/ticket tracking software.

    The basic requirements are:
    • Agent Based
    • Central Management
    • Health Monitoring
    • Remote Control
    • Ticketing/Helpdesk (ITIL compliance would be nice but not a must have)
    • Auditing/License tracking
    • Ability to group machines into "Customer groups"
    • Patch Management (mainly Windows, Citrix/VM would be nice though)

    That is probably the major requirements. I am currently evaluating Kaseya and possibly LanDesk, however I was curious to hear from other outsource players as to other software packages they have used.

    Any feedback here would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Outsourcer Systems Mgmt Software advice wanted


    First post for me, long-time lurker of Dan's forums here though...

    You pretty much described exactly what you'll get with Kaseya among a ton of other things

    I've just started recording a bunch of product videos lately and throwing them up on Youtube for easy consumption without registration. I feel if anyone seeing them is interested enough you'll end up on our site to talk to us anyway.

    Hopefully these overview videos help you work your way through your evaluation and get you a better picture of what Kaseya is about. I think our software speaks for itself but there is so much to it and I think a little bit of instruction and guidance can go a long way...

    Organization / Customer groups and Agent Deployment - nothing too exciting...

    Audit, Application Blocker & Views - getting warmer...

    Agent Procedures (or scripting, my favorite part!) & Scheduling

    Monitoring - I cover a lot here, bear with it

    Ticketing & User Portal - really cool stuff here for your end-users

    "Live Connect" / Remote Control

    Patch Management - Mainly Windows but I hit on 3rd party too, we're not just a WSUS piggy-back

    I'd recommend switching to 480p or 720p since I recorded them in HD so you easily bump them to full screen them and see everything legibly.

    I have six more videos left to do so I'm only halfway done... Up next is an overview of the single Server/Agent framework, then Reporting which will finish up our 'core' Kaseya functionality.

    The rest of the videos will be for our add-on modules - Security / Antivirus, Backup, Desktop Policy & Migration (user settings/file backup and migration) and last will be the toughest one to demonstrate properly under the 10 minute Youtube time limit, our brand new ITIL-aligned Service Desk module.

    Have fun, I'd love to know if these help. At the least, I hope I've avoided having the vendor spam flag raised



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      Re: Outsourcer Systems Mgmt Software advice wanted

      Thanks Ben, that looks like a ton of info to get me started so thanks for that.

      As I mentioned, we are currently evaluating Kaseya, however we wanted to check other products as a comparison as we are not too sure what we are after to be exact.

      Ill have a hunt through the links youve given me and let you know if i have any further queries.


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        Re: Outsourcer Systems Mgmt Software advice wanted

        Hi Ryzz

        You could check out NetSupport Software, they have a range of products including helpdesk, remote control and asset management solutions.
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          Re: Outsourcer Systems Mgmt Software advice wanted

          You also might want to look into GFI Max, a recently acquired product that used to be called Hounddog.

          Also, ManageEngine makes a service desk for MSP:
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            Re: Outsourcer Systems Mgmt Software advice wanted

            Unfortunately we don't like spammers here so "to get your ex love" is now "ex-to get your ex love"

            Obviously as IT guru's we don't need to worry about ex-es, just pick our next one from the extensive queue
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