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System Management Requirement - SCCM Doesn't Fit

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  • System Management Requirement - SCCM Doesn't Fit

    So I've read the TechNet articles, the online help, the forum posts, and I still can't decide if SCCM is what I'm looking for.

    I don't think it is, but I wouldn't know where to look for a product for my needs.

    Essentially, I need an app that includes a customiseable view where each element is the status of a particular server, based on a number of configurable settings.

    As an example, lets says that every icon on my Windows desktop is a server, and one of them represents my file server. Its state is defined by 2 settings:

    1) Are the file shares accessable?
    2) Is there enough free disk space?

    For 1) I have a threshold that is OK for can access, and Alert for no access, but for 2) I have >25% free is OK, between 10% and 25% is Warning, and <10% is Alert.

    Whether it is agent driven or not doesn't matter at the moment.

    Different state settings and thresholds can be set depending on the role of the server -

    Does a web server respond to a GET?
    Is a particular custom service running on an application server?
    Can I connect to tempdb of an SQL Server database server?
    Is an Exchange server responding to SMTP commands?

    Maybe extend it to network devices as well, such as checking the data throughput on a router via SNMP to see if there is any network congestion.

    Anyway. You get the idea. So does anyone know of a product like this?