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System Management Server 2003 (SMS)

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  • System Management Server 2003 (SMS)

    I am facing problem with using SMS Administrator Console on the helpdesk workstation

    The Helpdesk users are using SMS Administrator Console on is workstation
    When the Helpdesk try to open SMS Administrator Console .
    he get an errore message (pls seeattached screenshot)a message permeation denied
    when i run as domain admin user is work properly
    when I add the Helpdesk users as domain admin or workstation local administrator it work fine but I don't want to grant him a Domain Admin right.

    I done the following things:
    Add user to the sms admin group in the sms server (domain server win 2003)
    In the ADdomain controller)
    i create a DL group i add the user to this group
    Create a OU ,moved the helpdesk workstation to this OU
    create a GPO linked to the OU contain the Workstations
    Right-click the GPO, select "Edit", and select Computer Configuration...Windows Settings...Security Settings...Restricted Groups
    Right-click the white area in the right-hand pane, select "Add group"
    (pls seeattached screenshot)

    Member of this group:

    1-Domain local group
    2-SMS operator group
    3-Helpdesk account
    i couldn't add add the workstation "Administrator" account (not showing in the AD)

    This groups is a member of:


    In the GPU Security Filtering
    i added:
    the helpdesk workstation
    helpdesk user account

    after all the helpdesk can't using SMS Administrator Console on is workstation .
    just if i add is domain user account to the sms local administrator group.(thing that i would not like to do.
    Can you please advice?

    Happy new year 2010 to all

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    Re: System Management Server 2003 (SMS)

    I would suggest you change the attachments to TXT files as nobody in their right mind is going to open a Word file with the possibility of Macros in it.
    Thanks. Also move to the SMS Forum for better results.
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