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  • Spiceworks

    Hi, anyone used Spiceworks? When i installed spiceworks i noticed that it is automatically creating a .gem folder on my home folder or network drive. is this normal or is there any fix? thanks.

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    Re: Spiceworks

    Google FTW

    We are putting a fix into our next release for this, but until then, try the following:

    Create a system environment variable named with all caps: GEM_PATH and give it an empty value. Save it, and then exit Spiceworks from the tray, and then relaunch. Note that just restarting from the tray will not cause Spiceworks to pick up the new environment variable.
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      Re: Spiceworks

      From their help site it says all the information is local and nothing is sent to the server. . From looking on their community site I've read that some folks have watched the traffic from the app and found that it only seems to communicate outside the network for ads and checking for updates.

      You only install it one machine and it can only use the credentials you give it on the machines you specify. So it has enough controls where I feel good about it.
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