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Howto schedule MOM2005 Task

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  • Howto schedule MOM2005 Task


    im very new to MOM and have created a MOM pack fine.

    Inside my MOM pack I have created a new Task, which runs a script.

    I can execute this task from the Ops Console, but I want to schedule the Task to run periodicly (e.g. each day). I'm sure it must be possible to do this.

    Any and all suggestions welcome!

    Thanks, j

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    Re: Howto schedule MOM2005 Task

    The Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package Task is the programatic component in Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 that moves specific Data Tables from the MOM2k5 Database (OnePoint) to the System Center Reporting Data Warehouse (SystemCenterReporting) in Forefront Client Security SP1. The 'Event' that causes the DTS Package to execute is a Windows Scheduled Task configured by the Forefront Client Security SP1 Installation Process. In this Blog entry I will review some of the specifics of Troubleshooting the DTS Package Task in supporting Forefront Client Security SP1.

    Good luck
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