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    I am looking for an Installation spy on the network, which will alert me if one of the users has installed anything in his computer.

    Can you please advice.


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    Re: Installation Spy

    My initial reaction is why give them permission to install applications in the first place, prevention is better than the cure.....

    But i'm considering your question......

    You can remote manage their Pc and set a filter on the applicaiton logs for MSIInstaller, the filter costs nothing and is already in place.

    But like I say, preventions better than the cure. Lock em down.......

    Its your responsibility if you are an amdin.....
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      Re: Installation Spy

      I think SpiceWorks can do that for you.
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        Re: Installation Spy

        Correct, Spiceworks reports can be set to do that.

        However, the names may not always be what you think they are.
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          Re: Installation Spy

          Vista / 2008 also has highly detailed Installation information available in the Reliability Monitors. Accessed through Reliability and Performance. See System Stability Report.

          We use it a lot. When we ask users what happened just before it broke, they always says - "I dunno, it just stopped working". Then we check Reliability Monitor around the time / date they reported the problem and you gussed it....! Something was installed.

          Google toolbar is our favourite, the pop up blocker stops some of our apps working. This of course only applies to our users with local admin priviliges, because the rest are locked down.

          If your'e using XP you have to do it the old fashioned way....Remote Computer Managment.
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            Re: Installation Spy

            Dont't Really KNow if ObservIT can do that, probably it only works with terminal services. Dont know of the Pro version can check out the domain workstations.