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Simple SCOM 2007 Question

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  • Simple SCOM 2007 Question

    Greetings Everybody,

    I have a very simple question that nobody seems to be able to answer for me. I have posted it now on several messageboards but nobody can help. Its quiet simple actually and believe me the problem is not from a want of trying!

    I wish to use SCOM 2007 to alert me (by sending an e-mail to my inbox) whenever a certain alert is generated. The specific alert that I am looking for is 632, this is when somebody is added to the Domain Administrators group.

    The first thing I did was I downloaded the free MP from SecureVantage technologies that can alert you on several general security alerts. DOESN’T WORK. If I clear the event log on the RMS server it works fine (I get an alert) but when I clear the event log of another server it does not work, so that is pointless for us. It seems that this MP does not work for other servers just the RMS server, ridiculous if this is the case

    The next thing I did was I followed this procedure on the internet but fantastic half the required information is missing and I doubt that I am setting up all the information correctly

    The next thing I tried was to install as Audit Collection Services and try that but the installation kept failing and finally once it did install it gave me nothing but errors in the console so I reverted back to a screenshot before the installation

    Is there anything I can do to alert me when the event id 623 is triggered on the DC?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Simple SCOM 2007 Question

    I can now answer my own question, I followed this:

    I created a Windows Event Reset monitor and set it for 10 mins. That was my problem, the default time is 15 seconds so my RMS server did not have the time to send the alert. Once I changed it, it worked fine


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      Re: Simple SCOM 2007 Question

      Thank you for updating the forum with the solution, deckydee!

      Sorin Solomon

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